13 Simple Ways to Flatten Your Belly

13 Simple Ways to Flatten Your Belly

Tummy fat is the bane of most dieters, unfortunately, is one of the most challenging places to firm and tone up. However, there some
things you can do to aid lose weight from this area. Fifteen guidelines for firming up your belly are listed below.

Girls’ Time on the Track

Recommend a weekly walk-and-talk session with your sweethearts so you can together catch up as you’re getting fit. If you have a walking companion, you are more likely to stick with your program as well

Keep up with Cardio

If you are truly after burning the tummy fat, exercises or aerobics are still the way to go. They burn about 67 % extra calories than strength training and will tackle every problem areas like the belly.

Upgrade the Fiber

For every 10 grams of fiber you consume daily, your belly will carry nearly 4 % less fat. Other great sources of fiber may include vegetables and fresh fruits, beans, and cereals like wheat, maize, and bran flakes.

Order First

Don’t be scared to be pushy and order first when at a cafeteria/restaurant. This will mostly mean a shorter wait time before your food arrives so you will not feel like you are starving and eat too much.

Beware of the Salt

Excess salt in your diet will cause you to retain more fluid and thus contribute to water weight. So watch your salt intake very well.

Indulge in Avocadoes

Avocadoes are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which halt the blood glucose spikes that can lead to more belly fat. They are also easy to work into anybody’s diet.

Skip Soda

The calories from these fizzy beverages usually wind up on your belly. Try unsweetened iced tea or sparkling water in its place.

Avoid Alcohol

Too much alcohol intake into the body can raise your levels of cortisol, which can send fats straight to your belly. Opt for virgin drinks and you will save lots of calories.


Kayaking is loads of fun but also provides great exercises for your abdominal muscles – and the upper part of your body too!

Eat Sunflower Seeds

Sunflowers seeds are also a great source of mono-unsaturated fats and adding them daily to your diet is as simple as sprinkling them on your mealtime salad.

Tummy Tuck

Tucking your tummy/belly in while you walk or do housework is a simple way to assist tone muscles while you go about your day.

Get Fishy

Salmon and other fishes are good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids which also aid you in the war against fat. Try to get several fish servings a weekly.


Good hydration enables your whole body to function better including metabolism. You also require more water if you are working out.

Following these simple tips is not challenging, and it can surely pay off in the form of a firmer and tighter belly!
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