Alcoholic industries deceive the public about alcohol and cancer risk

Alcoholic industries deceive the public about alcohol and cancer risk

A joint work by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Karolinska Institutet, in Sweden, has determined that the liquor industries have used a pattern of
“distorting, denying and distracting” the public about some of the risks of alcohol intake.

The alcohol companies often present the connection amongst alcohol and cancer use as ‘extremely complex,’ yet lacking a strong or steady link between the two. Some make the erroneous claim that there is absolutely no cancer risk for modest or light drinking. Alcohol is sometimes also presented as just one of the numerous cancer risks.

Nearly all alcohol businesses hide or mislead information about cancer risk

The group analyzed twenty-six (26) alcohol companies in terms of the prevailing research as well as the evidence these organizations shared on their websites, advertising, and other publications.

The results were quite disturbing…

The investigators determined that 24 out of the 26 companies considered used misrepresentations and/or alterations of the current data linked to alcohol and the risk of cancer. Breast and Colorectal cancers were the most common cancers distorted in the data.

The truth of the matter is that consumption of alcohol is a known risk factor for many forms of cancer, including oral cavity, esophageal, liver, colorectal, breast cancers among others. Why? In very simple terms: taking alcohol will subdue immune task and destabilize blood glucose levels – which is never a good idea when it comes to assisting the body to escape disease.

Further confusing the matter as evidence that light to moderate alcohol drinking can really protect against some cancers such as ovarian and renal; however, in the year 2016 the Committee on Carcinogenicity in the United Kingdom deemed this claim to be ‘unconfirmed.’

Sometimes you have to marvel where they come up with these ‘unconfirmed’ statistics. ( are they in a way trying to appease the alcoholic industries in some way?)

FACT: There are health risks accompanied with light alcohol consumption

Other research studies have proven to the health benefits of the antioxidant resveratrol in red wines. Nonetheless, moderation is key to relishing any alcohol intake. And, in truth, the quantity of resveratrol found in just one or two glasses offer an immaterial amount of health benefit.

Also, though alcohol can function as a blood thinner – often hyped as ‘good for the cardiac system’ – there are many other natural substances that can equally aid to keep the blood thin such as ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric without necessarily hurting the immune system.

Bottom line: the unanimity in the United Kingdom is that cancer risk and other health risks far overshadow any possible benefits of consuming alcohol. The new study looked at info from 27 AI-funded organizations supervising social groups and public relations in English-speaking countries.

While at just 4% the increased cancer risk caused by alcohol is quite low, the study group takes issue with the way alcohol companies neglect or obscure this information on their websites. The goal seems to be to reject, alter or distract from the truth about this potential health issue for obvious reasons.

This makes you wonder: What else is the alcohol industry hiding from you?

While generally, the alcohol industry has not denied the dangers of using alcohol like the tobacco industry did for several years, there appears to be a dissimilar policy connected to cancer risk.

These findings reveal an important need for alcohol companies to reevaluate the info they are sharing concerning alcohol intake and cancer risk. The investigators also call into question whether there might be other health areas about which the alcohol industry is not being transparent.
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