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10 Foods That Improve Blood Circulation

A healthy diet is one way to improve your circulation or blood flow throughout your body. Apart from  hydration, weight management, exercise and not smoking, some natural foods can also improve blood circulation. 
Through circulation, nutrients and oxygen are carried to all parts from your heart and brain to your muscles and skin. Lets take a look at some of these natural products which should be included in our shopping list the next time we visit the market.


1. Beets

Beet root

This root vegetable is highly rich in nitrate which the body convert to nitric oxide. The function of Nitric oxide is to naturally loosen up your blood vessels and help the flow of blood to your tissues, veins and organs. Researchers have revealed that drinking beet juice can lower your systolic blood pressure too.

2. Berries


Berries are very rich in antioxidants including anthocyanin, which is particularly good for your blood vessels. Anthocyanin can help protect the walls of your blood arteries from damage and prevent them from becoming hard or stiff. Plus, anthocyanin spurs the release of nitric oxide, which helps to lower your blood pressure.

3. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper

This bright red pepper have more functions than just serving as a spice in your food. Cayenne Pepper contains a chemical substance called capsaicin which helps your arteries function well. It can also help in relaxing the muscles of your blood vessels so that blood can flow easily. And that’s good for your blood pressure.

4. Fatty Fish

If you’ve been wondering why experts always recommend fish as good for your heart, here’s one reason. Fishes like sardines, salmon, mackerel, herring etc contains a nutrient called omega-3 fatty acids which experts say  are good for your circulation. Adding  fish to our diet does not only lowers your resting blood pressure; it can also help keep your arteries clear and unclogged.

5. Pomegranates


The red tiny juicy seeds inside a pomegranate are embedded with lot of nutrients particularly, antioxidants and nitrates. These chemicals can boost your blood circulation, widens your blood vessels and therefore lowers your blood pressure. meaning more oxygen and nutrients are sent to your muscles and other blood tissues.

6. Garlic


Garlic contains a sulfur-compound called allicin that aids your blood vessels to relax. Researches have  shown that those who eat a diet rich in garlic have their blood flowing more efficiently. That means the heart doesn’t have to work so hard to transport blood throughout the body, which helps keep your blood pressure down. Thus, garlic has more benefits than just keeping vampires away.

7. Grapes


Grapes help keep your blood arteries healthy and also improves circulation. A study found that the antioxidants in grapes help blood vessels to relax thereby resulting in effective and efficient circulation. Grapes curb inflammatory and other molecules in the blood that has the potential to make blood sticky, which can impede circulation.

8. Turmeric



The yellowish spice is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it contains a chemical substance called curcumin. Studies suggest that curcumin has the potential to boost production of nitric oxide, which widens your blood vessels . That, in turn result in easier flow of blood to your muscles and other tissues.

9. Spinach


spinach is also highly rich Nitrate which improve your blood circulation. These compounds assist to dilate or enlarge your blood vessels and create more room for blood to move freely. Also, numerous researches have revealed that a diet rich in spinach helps keep arteries flexible and lower blood pressure.

10. Citrus Fruit

citrus fruits

when we talk of citrus, what comes in mind is Vitamin C but this isn’t the only reason to make citrus fruit part of your diet. There are lots of antioxidants found in citrus fruits which help lower inflammation, prevent blood clots and also improve blood circulation. And if you’re a fan of orange juice, study found that regularly drinking Orange Juice lowered blood pressure.