10 Common Habits That Put Pressure on Your Kidneys

10 Common Habits That Puts Pressure on Your Kidneys

The kidneys are super important for our health. It eliminate toxins, filter the blood, absorb minerals, produce hormones, produce urine and neutralize acids.

This makes the kidneys one of the most important organs found in the body therefore your kidneys deserve some love.

Steady decline or Damage to your kidneys can often go unnoticed for some years because your kidneys can still do their job with as little as 20 percent (%) of their usual capacity.

For this reason, kidney diseases are mostly referred to as "Silent killer diseases”. That is why it's very important to take care of them before it is too late.

Here are ten common habits that puts pressure on your kidneys and making is susceptible to serious damage over time.


1.    Refusal to Drink Enough Water

The key and most important function of the kidney is to filter blood and eliminate waste materials and toxins.

In instances where you do not drink enough water during the day,  waste material and toxins in the body start to accumulate in the body and this can cause severe damage to the body.

2.    Too Much Salt In Your Diet

The human body needs sodium (salt) to function properly. Most people however consume too much salt which results in raising blood pressure levels putting a lot of stress on the kidneys. Is highly recommended not to consume more than 5 grams (g) on a daily basis.

3.    Frequently Delaying The Call to Urinate

Most people ignore the urge to go because they're too busy and some also want to avoid public bathrooms.

The dangerous part of this is that retaining urine on a regular basis increases urine pressure and this can lead to kidney failure, incontinence and kidney stones. So pay attention to your body when nature calls.


4.    Kick The Sugar Habit

Scientific research studies have shown that people who consume two or more sugary drinks a day are more likely to have proteinuria (protein in their urine). The presence of protein in your urine is an early indication that your kidneys are not functioning as they should.

5.    Mineral And Vitamin Deficiencies

Intake of clean, whole food full of fresh vegetables and fruits is very important for your overall health and also a good kidney function.

Nutrient deficiencies can also aggravate the risk of kidney failure or stones. Magnesium(Mg) and Vitamin B6, for example, are important in reducing the risk of kidney stones.

An estimated 70 - 80 % of Americans are not getting enough magnesium, so there may be a high probability that you're one of them.


6.    Consuming Too Much Animal Protein

Excess consumption of protein especially red meat will increase the metabolic load on your kidneys.

More animal protein in your diet simply means the kidneys have to work extra harder and this can easily lead to damage of the kidney or kidney dysfunction over time.

7.    Sleep Deprivation

We've all heard about the importance of getting a good quality night’s rest. Chronic sleep deprivation is linked to lot of diseases and kidney diseases can also be found in the list.

During the night, the body repairs all damaged and worn-out kidney tissue. So give the body enough time to heal and repair itself.

8.    Coffee Habit

Just as excess salt is harmful to the kidney, caffeine can similarly raise blood pressure and put extra stress on the kidneys. Excessive consumption of coffee over time can cause damage to your kidneys.

9.    Painkiller Abuse

Many people take painkillers for small aches and pains while there're many all-natural and safe remedies available for use. Excessive intake of painkillers can lead to severe damage to the kidneys and liver.

10.  Alcohol Consumption

Though there is nothing wrong with taking a glass of wine or a beer once in a while, most of us don’t stop after just one drink. Alcohol is described as a legal toxin that puts a lot of stress on kidney and the liver.

To stay healthy and avoid kidney issues it's important to eat lots of whole, fresh foods and if you keep the above information in mind and avoid these common habits, the kidneys will not be subjected to constant stress and your body will thank you for that.
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