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Consumption of Acidic Foods; the main cause of Cancer

Consumption of Acidic Foods; the main cause of Cancer
Junk foods cause cancer

American’s diet today is typically acidic. If you are combating cancer, you need to balance the body’s pH (acidity or alkalinity) level because cancer will thrive in an acidic environment whereas an alkaline environment will remove or inhibit the growth of cancer.

These days, we see more people with cancers more than ever before, and the main reason behind this is that the typical western diet is far too high in acid-producing foods such as animal products.

Consumption of Acidic Foods; the main cause of Cancer
Choose between acidic and alkaline foods

The foods we used to eat like freshly grown vegetables and fruits were much better for us, so the best solution is to make some significant dietary changes to revert the trend.   

The alkaline-acid ratio is measured with the pH scale which ranges from 0 - 14 with 7 being the neutral point. The lower end of the scale (0 to 7) is acidic, and anything between 7 and 14 is alkaline.

   While a diagnosis of cancer may have other contributing factors, the food we usually eat now is the main cause.

Many years ago, even before the establishment supermarkets, we were eating better, now because of processed foods and the popularity of fast food outlets, our natural diets have changed. A diet of food from an acidic range is causing many health complications now, and cancer is just one of them.  

 For example, many of our foods are processed, and most of our bread and other baked foods are made from polished white flour.

Consumption of Acidic Foods; the main cause of Cancer
Refined foods also contribute to cancer

Some other examples of acid-forming foods are; ice cream and butter, noodles and pasta, cheese, jams and jellies, soft drinks and alcohol. All acid-forming diets are not automatically bad, just that our diet is out of balance, and if you are dealing with any serious health complication, it’s necessary to look carefully at what you are taking into your body.

Examples of the alkaline foods include fresh fruit and almost all freshly grown vegetables. Also consuming seeds, grains nuts and legumes are all alkaline foods. 

It’s very essential to remember that the variations you make to a more alkaline diet have several health benefits including eliminating cancer growth naturally.

Though cancer has some other causative elements, the most important cause is what we consume, because our health is directly connected to our dietary choices. Our diet has changed over the last forty (40) to seventy (70) years, and most of what we eat now is obtained from supermarkets and supermarkets have an overwhelming impact on what we now buy.

main cause of Cancer

Much of what is offered in our supermarkets is processed, and these foods are low in nourishing value. That is without question the reason why there are so many cancers now.   It makes a lot of sense if you are dealing with cancer that the first and the most vital change you make is with what you consume and that you select from a more alkaline range. 

Also, make sure it’s fresh and if all possible that it is organic.